Human Resources Policy

  • We recruit employees who have the potential to increase our productivity.
  • Our main goals are to employ the most productive workforce, maximize the efficiency of our employees' skills and creativity, increase their performance and allow them to develop.
  • We recognize each of our employees as a unique person.
  • We recognize each of our employees as the leader of their job and we create a participatory work environment where they can show and develop their potential.
  • We plan and implement internal and cross-company affairs.
  • In order to establish strong relations between our employees and our company, we organize internal communication activities, honor their contributions and celebrate their success together.
  • We diagnose the needs of our employees in advance.
  • We develop and implement practices that will contribute to their needs.

Respecting People

  • Our employees are our most valuable asset. For this reason, we aim to build our relations with our employees on healthy and lasting principles, and we want to be together with them for many years.
  • We care about the health of our employees and believe that their success and happiness at work is only possible with a healthy life.
  • We aim to create a work environment that complies with occupational health and safety regulations.


  • Establishing human resources policies and practices that is necessary to achieve our goals.
  • Utilizing workforce in the most effective and efficient way,
  • Employing the right people in the right jobs, selecting people with the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the job and placing them in the most appropriate teams,
  • Ensuring that people are promoted in accordance with their performance,
  • Appreciating and motivating employees and making sure they work for a company that they are proud of,
  • Increasing employee satisfaction, motivation and corporate loyalty,
  • Achieving success together.